Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fluffy pillows from heaven

So my computer is dead. I think the battery life is gone, because it wont even start up when I try to turn it on. Very sad, since it is my only form of entertainment. However, it just turned on for the first time in days, and I'm taking advantage by writing this update. And for those of you who I owe an email, I shall respond ASAP. I just wanted to mention my new favorite meal the last couple of weeks. There is a tortilla place down the street from our house that makes fresh tortillas (and when I say fresh, I mean they make them as you stand there). I don't know why I haven't gone to this place sooner, but they are so amazing! Anthony calls them "fluffy pillows from heaven." Oh, and did I mention they are cheap? Andrea and I always get 2 pesos worth (about 20 cents) which is more than enough for both of us. My favorite way to eat them is with queso fresco, a soft white cheese similar to paneer, refried beans, and salsa. The cheese and beans are also made fresh daily at two of the stores on our street, and if you are thinking of the refried beans that you get in the US, they are nothing like that. Anyway, I just had my 6th tortilla of the day, and it was yummy. What will I do for my quesadilla fix when I'm back in Fort Wayne now that I'm a tortilla snob?

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Tricia said...

Ha ha ha, its by chance, I came across your blog. I was looking for stuff to do in Culiacan.

I just relocated here with my boyfriend (from NYC)in May 2008 and an going nuts. Due to the same drug war, you mentioned, i stay home all day, swim in our pool, go to the Forum Mall (best mall here) when its nice and bright outside or watch DVD's all day.

Where do you guys/band play the orchestra?

I would love to bring my friends to check it out.

If u guys are really bored, drive 45 minutes to Nuevo Altata Beach OR go further and take a 2hour drive (car or bus) to Mazatlan. Much like normalcy over there with lots to do in a chill out atmosphere.

Your blogs are funny.