Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back in Mexico

Believe it or not, I'm back in Mexico! But only for 10 days. I'm back in Hermosillo, playing with the Orquesta Filarmónica de Sonora. What part am I playing? Good question...all of them. Yes, I am playing 1st, 2nd, and EH. Ever tried playing all the parts to Dvorak's "New World?" Or Rodrigo's "Concerto de Aranjuez?" I don't recommend it. But, it is a challenge, and it will get me back in shape.
I had kind of an adventure getting here. My flight went from Dallas to Mexico City, and then had a connecting flight to Hermosillo. I had 3 hours in between flights, which I assumed would be enough time, but apparently not if you want to get through Mexico City customs. Anyway, to make a long story short, after running all over the DF airport, I missed my flight and had to spend the night. This not only caused me to miss most of rehearsal the next morning, but also to lose my hotel reservation for the entire week. Now I have to stay in a not very nice and kind of far away hotel, which sucks, but at least they have internet. Oh well, such is life.
I also found out that the conductor from last time who I really liked got booted, and has been replaced by this obnoxious little turd of a man who is extremely condescending, and doesn't realize that if he expects me to play 3 parts, he needs to cue me!
Other than that, things have been good. It is nice to see some people who I didn't think I would see again, and actually be able to communicate with them! My Spanish is not nearly as hopeless as it was last time.
Well, that's all for now. Those of you with skype, feel free to keep me entertained. I get really bored in the hotel.

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