Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Deep fried sushi

Hola amigos! A lot has happened in the last week, and I haven't keeping up very well. I apologize to my faithful reader(s?). Here is a brief recap. I had sushi for the second time today. You may be wondering what sushi is like en México. Not anything like it is in the US, or probably Japan. I was first introduced to Mexican style sushi when I went to Hermosillo, so it was not a surprise to me, but I will try to describe it as best I can to you gringos. First of all, almost every roll has Philadelphia cream cheese in it. Rolls come in 3 styles: natural, capeado (lightly fried), and empanazado (deep fried). They fillings include the traditional fishy stuff, but may also contain chicken, beef, and other weird stuff. Oh, and to top it off, it is served with mayonnaise and green onions with a citrus flavored soy sauce. Leave it to the Mexicans to make sushi completely unhealthy. It was surprisingly tasty, as you may have guessed, since I have gone twice since my last post. Other than sushi, I have been eating lots and lots of avocados. They are super cheap at the market here, and so good. If I have a slightly greenish tinge the next time you see my, you'll know why. If you are wondering about my ice cream situation, I have splurged. Twice. Hey, I have to keep my sanity.
Tuesday was the first installment of our chamber music series. My group doesn't play for another three weeks, but I did attend last night's concert. It included a double bass duet, a woodwind quintet that played that Chimnée piece by Milhaud, and a percussion ensemble. The percussionists played some unbelievably cool pieces, including one by John Cage, and a piece by a German composer involving rolling pins. They also did a rendition of Barber's "Adagio for Strings," which I was very skeptical of, but turned out to be really beautiful. Tomorrow we are taking a break from chamber music and traveling to Mazatlán for a few days, where will play more opera stuff with bad singers and an even worse guest conductor. Yipee. But at least we get to hang out on the beach.
Well, it's getting late, and my cane is done soaking. As you oboists know, cane waits for no one. I shall tie my reed, pack, and go to bed. Buenas Noches.

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